位于宝马官方网站州奥尔巴尼的宝马官方网站州房地产经纪人协会® 一个非营利性的贸易组织是否代表超过60人,宝马官方网站州的房地产专业人士. The association provides a variety of benefits including legislative and legal representation, 宝马官方网站项目, 出版物,如宝马官方网站州房地产经纪人®,以及职业标准的规范. 房地产经纪人这个词® 是注册商标, which identifies real estate professionals who subscribe to a strict code of ethics as a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. 这些房地产经纪人® 还是宝马官方网站房地产经纪人协会的成员® 以及当地的房地产经纪人委员会或协会®.

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NYSAR strongly opposes any legislation that would result in removal of independent contractor status from licensed real estate brokers and salespersons. 立法建议,例如 A.2685 - joyner 尝试重新定义“雇员”一词,” 然而 those actions conflict with existing Labor Law exemptions for licensed real estate professionals. NYSAR opposes any legislation that does not provide a clear exemption for the professional services of a licensed qualified real estate agent.


REALTORS® fundamentally support equal opportunity in housing and are committed in our opposition to all forms of illegal discrimination. 在宝马官方网站,保持公平住房政策的完整性是最重要的. In order to further strengthen fair housing laws in the state, NYSAR支持以下功能:

  • (S.2846 - kavanagh) (S.2874 -卡文纳/.1623 -佩里) Ensure fairness and transparency in the cooperative housing purchase process and combat illegal discrimination.
  • (S.538 - b -卡普兰/ A.4638 - a - sillitti) 在22小时内增加2小时的“隐性偏见”宝马官方网站.5小时的继续宝马官方网站要求执照更新.
  • (S.2132 - b - skoufis / A.5359 -克鲁兹) Increase pre-licensing broker and salesperson course hours and add broker supervision education in the broker’s qualifying course.
  • (S.112 -卡普兰/.4665 - sillitti) (S.2133 - A - skoufis /.5363 - jean - pierre) 创建一个全州公平住房测试计划,以根除非法住房歧视. 在营业员和经纪人的许可证费用上额外增加10到30美元的附加费, 并将违反房产证的罚款从1美元增加,000 to $2,3万美元来资助这个项目.


New York State recognizes the importance of a vibrant and open real estate market and as such was classified as an essential activity early in the COVID-19 pandemic. 不幸的是, the pandemic has presented New Yorkers seeking to buy or sell real estate with many challenges. Among those are current restrictions in place on licensees’ abilities to communicate with potential clients. NYSAR支持以下功能:

  • (A.6756 - cusick) Allow licensed real estate professionals with the opportunity to provide services and information to the public, 包括电话营销服务, 通常是在非紧急状态下提供的.


It is critical that New York provide relief to tenants who are unable to pay their rent due to impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is equally important to provide relief to building owners who are struggling to pay their mortgage and property taxes as a result of non-payment of rents. 为了促进经济复苏和住房稳定,NYSAR支持以下工作:

  • 为COVID-19租金减免计划提供额外的国家资金和资源.
  • Utilize federal funding to provide direct relief to building owners hurt by nonpayment of rent or reduction in rental income due to COVID-19.


许多宝马官方网站人希望实现他们拥有住房的梦想, 然而,他们可能面临许多财务障碍, 包括一些全国最高的财产税和交易成本. NYSAR strongly supports legislation to help New Yorkers overcome these barriers to homeownership, 尤其是对于首次购房者. NYSAR支持以下措施:

  • Enact a First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account to assist New Yorkers in saving for a first home within the state.
  • (S.3369 -贝利)(S.665 -桑德斯/.3838 - vanel) Create middle- and low-income homeownership incentive programs to make homebuying more accessible for all New Yorkers.
  • Expand affordable housing development through the implementation of new zoning and tax incentives.
  • (S.2193 -卡文纳/.3807 - cymbrowitz) Renew the state’s five-year capital plan to provide funding for multi-family affordable housing development projects throughout the state.
  • Establish a uniform standard to enable remote notarization in New York State that protects consumers and prevents fraud.
  • Provide additional resources to expand access to broadband internet and 5G wireless networks, 尤其是在农村和服务不足的地区. NYSAR支持 (S.4878 -瑞恩) 要求国家公共服务委员会研究可获得性和可负担性.


NYSAR强烈反对增加宝马官方网站人购房难度的立法, 投资于, 或者在宝马官方网站州出售房地产. NYSAR担任以下职位:

  • 反对 (S.3082 -萨拉查/.5573 -猎人) 实施全州范围的"正当理由"驱逐标准, which would implement impractical and overly restrictive standards and stifle investment in rental housing. 它还将在全州范围内实施事实上的租金控制,而没有任何地方自治的选择.
  • 反对 (S.2913 -帕克)(S.2929 -帕克) expanding cease and desist zones that prohibit real estate marketing practices which are consistent with other professions and businesses. Cease and desist zones are ineffective – specifically targeting licensed real estate professionals while allowing unlicensed individuals and firms to continue engaging in unwanted practices unfettered.
  • Remove restrictions on licensed real estate agents from conducting telemarketing business practices.
  • 反对 (S.1448 - hoylman) requiring real estate brokers and salespersons to write their name and license number on every document that requires a signature in a transaction.
  • 修改2019年《宝马官方网站》的部分内容.
    • Clarify that seasonal or temporary vacation tenancies for 120 days or less are excluded from the HSTPA provisions regulating deposits and advances for permanent residential dwelling units.


NYSAR strongly opposes any legislation that would increase state or local mortgage recording taxes or real estate transfer taxes. Increasing real estate transaction taxes simply robs equity from homebuyers who could better use such funds toward a down payment. New York State already has some of the highest closing costs and real estate taxes in the country, 个人和企业正选择离开该州,因为税收过高. 为了扭转这一趋势, 宝马官方网站应该推进政策,让买房更容易负担. NYSAR反对以下措施:

  • 反对 (S.4199 - hoylman) 征收临时住所税, 哪个将实现一个新的, recurring annual property tax on New York City homeowners that will drive down property values, 减少城市的税基, 危及数千个酒店工作岗位, 建设, 和房地产服务.
  • 反对 (A.3259 - dilan) 对宝马官方网站市的房产征收“倒卖税”, which would impose an additional 20-percent real estate transfer tax on residential properties sold within a year of its prior purchase. The bill would dramatically increase the tax burden imposed on the real estate transaction in New York City making homebuying and renting less affordable for residents.
  • 反对 (S.2689 - martucci /.5324 - brabenec) (S.1461 -布雷斯林)(S.1668 - skoufis) (S.1810 - skoufis) (S.1811 - skoufis) (A.5373 - lawler) authorizing the imposition of additional real estate transfer taxes to fund local community preservation funds. NYSAR尊重并同意希望保留开放空间的社区, 然而, 这些举措的资金不应依赖于提高税收, 也不应该只以社区购房者为代价.